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By using any of our services, you hereby certify that you have read and agree to the following terms of service:

Please read the entire agreement. The agreement ends with the text "END OF AGREEMENT"

Terms and Conditions

All orders that are placed are subject to the following terms and conditions. By placing an order it is understood that you have read, comprehended and agreed with these terms. These terms and conditions are an agreement between you ("customer, client, you") and ("us,we,our"). They should be read and understood.

All traffic/hits will be delivered to the website address submitted with the order. In the event that there is an error with the submitted URL, the Client will not hold us or our Partner Sites responsible for the error. Any traffic delivered to a Client's site reflecting the above error, will not be credited or entitled to a refund.

In the event that the Client's site becomes unavailable for any reason ("server is down or unavailable, timed out, or shows to be active but with internal server errors, 404 errors and other types of common or uncommon errors associated with the internet and its underlying infrastructure"), the Client will not hold us or our Partner Sites responsible for these errors. All/Any traffic delivered to the Client's site during this down time will not be credited or refunded.

We use a state of the art tracking system to track your ad campaign. Each order is given a unique campaign id which is used to track visitors to your site by day/time. When we provide an ad view, we point the visitors to this campaign id.

The client understands that if the visitor viewing the the ad closes it before it finishes loading (due to network bandwidth, high impact graphics, animation or lack of interest on the visitors part etc.), it will count as an ad view on our system, we have sent your site to the visitor and have therefore fulfilled our obligation. It is important to note that this scenario may not appear in your website statistics. We cannot control the acts of the individuals viewing your site and will not be held responsible for these actions. When you purchase a campaign you understand and agree that the statistics system utilized by us will serve as the official record of traffic delivered. We will not be held responsible for traffic not received on your campaign page but sent from our ad server during down time on any components on the Internet or on a clients site for any reason and any traffic delivered under these conditions will not be credited or refunded.

Client understands that traffic counters ("Hit") counters on your site do not accurately represent the number of visitors sent to your site. This is due to the large amounts of traffic sent to the site in a relatively short timeframe. Client also understands that we do not guarantee sales or signups and will not issue a refund if none are achieved. We do not guarantee sales, nor will we be held responsible if none are generated. We will send visitors to your site. This is the only guarantee for this service.

In the event that there is a discrepancy between the amount of traffic delivered by us, and the amount of traffic delivered to the Client, on their behalf, We and the client both agree to use the report prepared by our  control panel to be the official report. The client understands and acknowledges that the control panel report received by us to be true and accurate and agrees to hold us, our parent company as well as all companies and individuals involved harmless for any unexpected results arising from any advertising campaign.

You are responsible for creating any and all pages needed for this program, which includes adding any of the banner exchanges codes to your site if so desired.  We can set this up for you if you wish as follows:  We can create a banner for you for $50; we can create a mirror page and setup your site with four banner exchanges for $50; or do both for a total of $100.  Just put a note in the customer comment section of the order form or email us if you need this.

We reserve the right to not allow any site for any reason.  However, we will not advertise for spam sites, warez, hate, racial or any other illegal sites.  Since our network serves a general audience, all sites must be rated for a general audience.  All sites will be reviewed for compliance before a campaign is started and may be reviewed periodically while a campaign is in progress.

The site may not contain any popup, popunder, or exit windows. No other windows may be spawned at any time from the popped site. In addition, you may not call focus to the popped window. It will be up to the visitor to call focus to the window.

Refund Policy - We promise to deliver all of the traffic ordered or we will refund the difference. Refunds can not be given if your campaign is cancelled prematurely at your request. If you need to temporarily stop your campaign for any reason, you may request that we remove your advertisement from our rotation, which will effectively place your campaign on hold. It is up to you to request that your campaign be placed back into rotation.  Failure to do so does not entitle client to a refund or credit.  Please allow up to 24 hours for us to process these requests.

Your account will be automatically renewed after each block of visitors is completed.  The amount of visitors we send daily depends on traffic availability and there is no guarantee that we will deliver a specific amount daily.  To cancel your account, you will need to send (email) your request along with the order number and/or username/password of your account. Your account will then end after the current block of visitors is completed.  Requests Must Be Sent 24 hours before your account is set to renew as our system renews automatically. If you used Paypal/Alertpay, you are responsible for canceling your own subscription via the Paypal/Alertpay website. We can only cancel you within our database and that will not stop the Paypal/Alertpay auto payment. If you do not cancel the subscription via Paypal/Alertpay we will consider that you do not wish to cancel the account and we will reset it as normal.

If you received a special introductory rate, the account is automatically renewed at normal rates unless other arrangements were made.  Current rates are as follows:  10K Visitors = $39; 30K = $79; 37,500 = $99, 50K = $129.

Customer Support - All support is handled via our ticket system. You can open a support ticket directly from your back office ( login ) area. We try to respond to all support requests within 1 business day.

Client agrees to these terms of service and understands that they are legally binding.

All sales are final.


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